The International Institute of Health Management Research, New Delhi is part of the Society for Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), which was established in October 1984 under the Societies Registration Act 1958. IIHMR Delhi was setup in 2008 with a focus on national and international health to cater to the growing needs of the country and the Asia-Pacific region. Our chief goals are to play a major role in promoting and conducting research in the space of health and hospital management, conduct and support policy analysis and formulation, development of effective strategies and their implementation, capacity development and preparing professionals for the healthcare sector.

We undertake capacity building of health professionals in a big way through our academic programs, management development programs, training workshops, and research activities. To meet the educational challenges of the rapidly growing health sector in India, IIHMR Delhi provides students with requisite managerial and technical skills to serve the ever-expanding health care industry.

The institute has three main activities:

  • Academics comprising of masters and doctoral level programs, on campus regular programs and executive programs for working professionals
  • Research that has high relevance to health policies and programs of India and the global level.
  • Management Development Programs/ capacity building initiatives to improve knowledge, skills and practices in health and related.