The performance of the participants of the programme in each course (Core Courses and Elective Courses) will be evaluated by the following two components, with 50% weightage to each:

a) Internal Assessment (50%); and

b) End-Term Examination (50%).


Internal Assessment: It carries 50% weightage (50 marks). The internal assessment will be further divided into two parts: Continuous Internal Assessment and Mid-Term Examination.

The Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) will be of 30 % weightage and the Mid-Term Examination (MTE) will be of 20% weightage. The Course Coordinator will conduct the Continuous Internal Assessment by using mix methods of assessment such as assignments, case study, review, etc. The mid-term examination will be of 20 % weightage. The faculty will conduct the mid-term examination. The pattern of examination can either be objective type or subjective type or a mix of both.


End-Term Examination: It carries 50 % weightage, covering full syllabus of the course. The end-term examination will be of maximum 50 marks to be completed in maximum two hours. However, depending on the need of assessment in view of nature of the subject, end term examination duration can vary from 90 to 180 minutes. The end-term examination will be conducted at the end of Residency of each Semester on scheduled date published by the Controller of Examination.

There will be two Residencies, one in each Semester. The first Residency (in Semester-1) will include 17-days duration which includes 13-days for organizing contact sessions/classes and 4-days for conducting End-Term examination of courses completed in Semester-1.The second Residency (in Semester-2) will include 19- days duration which includes 15-days for organizing contact sessions/classes and 4-days for conducting End-Term examination of courses completed in the Semester-2.

Award of Degree/ Diploma

The participants of the programme will be awarded the diploma on completion of all the requirements of the programme. The Controller of Examination, IIHMR University, Jaipur will declare the result of each course from time-to-time and issue the Mark-Sheet. On successful completion of the programme, the University will award diploma during Annual Convocation.


In addition to EPGDPHFM, the student will also receive a transcript with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) grading system.


Grading System



Percent Equivalent

4.48 - 5.00

A+ = Outstanding

90 – 100

3.98 - 4.47

A = Very Good

80 – 89

3.48 - 3.97

B+ = Good

70 – 79

2.98 - 3.47

B = Average

60 – 69

2.50 - 2.97

C = Below Average

50 – 59


F = Poor


Grade point average is calculated to two decimal points