M.D. (Preventive and Social Medicine), Ph.D. (Epidemiology)

Over the year the health delivery system in India as elsewhere, has become very complex with burgeoning demand, rapid technological changes, growing complexities of procedures, increasing competition and heightened consciousness of consumer rights and quality of service. There is increasing corporatization of health care delivery system with emphasis on efficiency, quality of service and quick delivery though at higher costs. Looking to our poor rating on health indices, the Government has launched focusing on access and affordability. The key issue now is not money but management. To paraphrase renowned Management Guru Prof C.K. Prahlad, there is good business at the bottom of the pyramid provided we can deliver quality health care to masses at affordable costs. This requires competent Managers with sound understanding of management, service delivery, epidemiology, health technology, finance and culture and sensitivity to human suffering. To satisfactorily deal with growing complexities of the health system, greater professionalism is needed. IIHMR is trying to create such professionals at its campuses at Delhi through its flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Hospital Management. This course has earned laurels for the Institute since its commencement in 2008. I wish the institute rapid growth in its entire academic and research endeavors.