SL No Name of the Faculty Member Qualification Designation Joining Date Nature of Association (Regular/Contract)
1 Dr. Sutapa B. Neogi MD Professor and Director 20th December 2019 Regular
2 Dr. Preetha G.S. MD Professor and Dean (Research) 22nd November 2010 Regular
3 Ms.Divya Aggarwal MBA Assistant Professor and Associate Dean (Admission, Marketing and Accreditations) 1st December 2014 Regular
4 Dr. Nikita Sabherwal PhD Associate Professor and Associate Dean      (Training 20th January 2020 Regular
5 Dr Bhanu Shanker Singh Ph.D Associate Professor 13th December 2013 Regular
6 Dr. Nitish Kumar Dogra MD Associate Professor 7th April, 2017 Regular
7 Dr Anandhi Ramachandran Ph.D Associate Professor June 1st 2010 Regular
8 Dr  Nishikant Bele Ph.D Associate Professor  1st October 2015 Regular 
9 Dr Vinay Tripathi Ph.D Associate Professor 29th Septemeber 2009 Regular
10 Dr Sumesh Kumar Ph.D Assistant Professor& Associate Dean (Academic and Student Affairs) 23rd November 2015 Regular
11 Dr. Pankaj Talreja PhD Assistant Professor 26th Feb 2016 Regular
12 Dr. Rupsa Banerjee MD (Community Medicine) Assistant Professor 6th April 2021 Regular
13 Dr. Sidharth Sekhar Mishra MD Assistant Professor 8th April 2021 Regular
14 Dr Sumant Swain Ph.D Assistant Professor 1st April 2019 Regular
15 Dr. Rohini Ruhil   PhD Assistant Professor 15th February 2022 Regular
16 Dr. Sukesh Bhardwaj PhD Assistant Professor 1st April 2022 Regular
17 Dr. Mukesh Ravi Roshan PhD Assistant Professor 26th April 2022 Regular
18 Dr. A K Agarwal MD Professor 1st September 2017 Adjunct
19 Dr. A K Khokhar MD Professor 21st September 2020 Adjunct
20 Dr. Satish Kumar MD Professor 3rd October 2017 Adjunct